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Miss Lisa's Nanny Needs, LLC is insured and bonded to keep your family safe.  Lisa personally interviews and hires every nanny on her team to ensure experienced, reliable nannies show up to your doorstep.  Nannies all go through background and reference checks and are thoroughly trained on Miss Lisa policies and procedures before ever stepping foot in your home.  You’re not hiring a company, you’re hiring Lisa to personally handle all of your nanny needs! 

When it comes to paying your nanny at the end of her job, you don’t!  Miss Lisa's Nanny Needs, LLC handles that for you.  Whether it be full time or part time, nannies track their hours for every job they work and report their hours to Lisa.  No more stopping for cash, adding hours and writing checks at the end of the night.  You arrive home and send your nanny home, simple as that!  Every Monday, Lisa will send am electronic payment request conveniently to your inbox.  At the end of the year, Miss Lisa's Nanny Needs, LLC will send you a receipt for tax purposes. 


We strive for convenience as we understand how busy life can become.  You don’t pay a penny until your nanny works her first hour.  No search fees, initiation fees, monthly membership fees, etc.  Just convenient nannies at your door when you need them.  

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